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What Is EFT? And How To Book

What is EFT? Emotional Freedom Techniques - I have to admit, is at first glance, a strange looking technique - but actually works surprisingly well, especially considering how quick & easy it is to learn!

The simplest way to describe EFT is likening it to acupuncture - but without the use of needles - a bonus for anyone who is not a fan of them! We simply "Tap" with 2 or 3 fingers on acupressure points on the face & body, whilst keeping the problem in mind. This releases blocks in our energy system, neutralising unwanted emotions, often allowing physical symptoms to subside. As the technique - in its most basic form - is that simple and quick to learn, it can be (and has been) learned by just about anyone, including young children. I have gone on to learn more advanced EFT techniques, allowing me to work with not only day-to-day problems, but with much more complex issues as well.

We find that EFT is so effective as a lot of physical symptoms are a manifestation of unresolved emotional issues. Stress is a really good example of this and one that virtually everyone is familiar with - the physical symptom of a headache, increased heart rate, sweaty palms etc - due to feeling emotionally stressed or overwhelmed.

In fact, we often find that EFT works when nothing else seems to help.

EFT can help with stress and MANY other issues, by addressing and releasing the underlying emotional components which are causing or contributing to the issue. When we release unwanted emotions, we allow our body to return to its natural healing state, often resulting in a cessation of the physical symptoms - long term.

I take my Continuing Professional Development (CPD) very seriously as I

* Constantly update my skills & broaden my knowledge of EFT & topics such as treating trauma
* Work closely with colleagues & attend regular supervision
* Regularly attend trainings, read books & blog posts & take part in webinars on related topics
* Continue to learn from top experts in their field

How To Book

I recommend a free 15 minute, no-obligation chat, where we start by discussing your issues, symptoms & goals.

* Then I can answer any questions you have
* Next we determine if we are the right fit for each other
* If so, simply choose & book one of the following options;

1) Single session
2) Block of 3 or 5 sessions at discounted price
3) Trial single session with the option to upgrade to a block of sessions at the discounted price

You can book via email, direct from the contact button on this website at [email protected] or please feel free to text me on 07986 902 657.

* * Please note, payment is required in advance (and is non-refundable for discounted sessions)

Cancellation Policy - please be aware that 48hrs notice is required to cancel a session, otherwise the full fee is still payable.

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