Maureen Blackabee
Advanced EFT PractitionerIn Harold Wood, Romford, near Hornchurch & Upminster

Professional Tailored Solutions for The Classroom & Parents

Schools & colleges can be a place of fun & learning, but also stress & anxiety - for both students and teachers alike - as more demands are placed upon you.

* Wouldn't it be great to have an easy, quick way of relieving that stress in the moment?
* And a simple, effective tool to help prevent some of that stress & anxiety in the first place?
* Would you like teaching & learning to be more enjoyable again?

Now you can - with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

I offer tailor-made packages to schools & colleges to meet your specific needs and requirements - using a tool that is not only simple and quick to learn, but is also very effective for just about anyone, children and adults alike.

Would you like help with any of the following...

* Stress relief for teachers & students?
* Anxiety relief for exams, tests and in general?
* A quick, simple technique to assist with focusing on studying?
* Calmer, more relaxed students, aiding learning?
* Reduction in unwanted behaviours?
* A calmer, more enjoyable teaching environment?

Maybe you have students with challenging behaviour and would appreciate a quicker way of alleviating some of the stress & anxiety that is fuelling it - leading to a reduction in that unwanted behaviour?

I was a Trustee for almost 7 years of a local charity for children with ADHD and also ran their Parent Support & Network Meetings for a number of years. I also have a son with ADHD and autism, so I know first hand about emotional overwhelm, meltdowns and the resulting challenging behaviour.

The good news is, I also learned that by reducing the stress & anxiety my son was experiencing, meant less overwhelm for him and fewer meltdowns, resulting in less unwanted behaviour. I found EFT to be a great way to do this, combined with learning more about autism, ADHD and how to manage it better.

For specific training around children with ADHD and managing it in the classroom, I can highly recommend AddUp's Training for Schools - for further info, please visit or they can be contacted on 01708 45 40 40.

Many schools in America and now the UK are incorporating EFT into their classrooms and are benefitting by reducing all kinds of stress & anxiety for students. For example, students can often arrive at school or college in an already stressed state due to something that happened at home, This might be a one-off incident or they could be experiencing on-going anxiety such as having a parent with an illness. Students may need help with something that happened during the school day, for example with another student. EFT is effective at addressing these many different situations.

EFT is a great way to reduce the effect this stress & anxiety can have on the student's day at school and minimise the resulting impact on fellow students and teachers.

Take a moment, to just imagine how much easier and more enjoyable it would be for you to teach a classroom of calmer, more relaxed students...

If you like that idea, then please get in touch so I can explain how that can become a reality for your classroom too.

As I tailor each package to your specific requirements, the below info is simply a guide as to prices and what I can offer. We can discuss in more detail what your specific requirements are and I can then give a specific quote.

School Package Examples:

* OPTION ONE- 1 Hour £150 - Intro to EFT in the classroom
For up to 30 staff (£5 per person)
Including stress relief for teachers & students, plus a demo

* OPTION TWO - Half Day (3 hrs) £300 - More In-depth uses of EFT in the classroom
For up to 30 staff (£10 per person)

This will be tailored to your specific needs and can include, amongst other things;

- Intro to EFT
- Demo
- Stress relief for teachers & students
- Tailored Uses of EFT in the Classroom
- Q&A Session
- Handouts of Tapping Points


Parents & carers are often in need of emotional support to help them be in a better place to deal with their children's difficulties, especially if their child is struggling emotionally too. I have seen first hand the benefits of working with parents as well as with the children and highly recommend this.

This is why I provide small group work specifically for parents & carers. They can learn how to use EFT as a stress relief for themselves and how to use it to benefit their children. For more information on this, please see the "Low Cost Group EFT" page. If you would like to incorporate this into a 'school package' for your school or college, then I am happy to discuss this with you.

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